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Fiat 500e - Specs & Pre-Order

Fiat 500e at Boucherville Chrysler: Electric like never before

A blue Fiat 500e parked and connected to a charging stationA blue Fiat 500e parked and connected to a charging station
The future of driving is arriving soon at Boucherville Chrysler with the new Fiat 500e. Don't miss your chance to be one of the privileged few to experience this electric revolution. With its captivating design and innovative performance, the 500e is the choice of forward-thinking drivers.

A Unique Opportunity: Design and Performance

The Fiat 500e is not just a car, it's a symbol of modernity and efficiency. With an electric motor offering up to 118 hp and a range of up to 320 km, it's perfect for all your needs. But be warned, stocks are limited and demand is high!

State-of-the-art technology and superior comfort

Inside, the Fiat 500e envelops you in a world of comfort and innovation. Its 10-inch infotainment system keeps you elegantly connected. Don't miss out on this unique driving experience - seats are limited!

Exclusive and Haute Couture collaborations

La Fiat 500e Mia TroppoLa Fiat 500e Mia Troppo
The Fiat 500e isn't just performance; it's also a fashion statement. In collaboration with renowned Italian design houses such as Armani, Bulgari and Kartell, the 500e features exclusive designs that fuse automotive innovation with haute couture. These limited-edition models, although not for sale, underline the 500e's status as a forerunner in the automotive and fashion worlds.

Durability meets Style

The Fiat 500e is more than an electric vehicle; it's a commitment to sustainability without sacrificing style. Its zero-emission capability ensures that you're not only driving a vehicle that's good for the environment, but also at the cutting edge of eco-friendly technology. The 500e represents the perfect blend of responsibility and luxury.

Pre-order Your Fiat 500e Today!

It's time for action! Pre-order your Fiat 500e now from Boucherville Chrysler and be among the first to enjoy this exceptional electric experience. Don't let this opportunity pass you by, join the elite of electric drivers. Pre-order your Fiat 500e today!

Autonomy and Electric Performance

The Fiat 500e offers an impressive range, which is crucial for electric vehicles. Its ability to cover a considerable distance on a single charge makes it ideal for city driving and commuting.

Pre-order your Fiat 500e

Design and Exclusive Collaborations

The Fiat 500e, with its elegant design and exclusive collaborations with Armani, Bulgari and Kartell, embodies innovation and Italian luxury, affirming its status as a trendy and sophisticated vehicle.

Pre-order your Fiat 500e

FAQ about the Fiat 500e

Q: What is the range of the Fiat 500e?

A: The Fiat 500e offers an impressive range of up to 320 km, making it ideal for city driving and daily commuting.

Q: Is the Fiat 500e available in a variety of models?

A: Yes, the Fiat 500e is available in several versions, each offering unique features and designs. This includes exclusive collaborations with renowned Italian design houses.

Q: How can I charge my Fiat 500e?

A: The Fiat 500e can be charged at home or at public charging stations. It features a convenient charging port for quick and easy recharging.

Q: Does the Fiat 500e offer customization options?

A: Yes, the Fiat 500e offers a variety of customization options, allowing drivers to choose from different colors, interior finishes and technological features.

Q: How does the Fiat 500e contribute to sustainability?

A: As an electric vehicle, the Fiat 500e contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and supports sustainability efforts by offering a greener alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles.

The Fiat 500e. Pre-order now. Quantities are limited!

Order your Fiat 500e

Order: Join our priority order list. You may cancel your order at any time prior to entering into a definitive vehicle purchase or lease agreement with Boucherville Chrysler.

Order your Fiat 500e

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    Fiat 500e Photo Gallery

    Fiat 500e
    Fiat 500e Armani
    Close-up of an alloy wheel on the Fiat 500e
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    Fiat 500e driver and passenger interior
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